Immediate Home Repair

Our Services

Plumbing Services

We offer repairs, installation and maintenance of various plumbing systems and fixtures in residential or commercial buildings. Fitting pipes, faucets, toilets, showers, drains, water heaters, sewage backups and more, our professional team is ready to engage for any emergency.

Our plumbers are experienced, well trained and licensed capable of diagnosing and fixing any problem, as well as setting new plumbing and sanitary systems. 

Electrical Services

Don’t hesitate to call us for any electrical fixes. Our certified electricians may diagnose short circuits and inspect any potential hazards ensuring compliance with local electrical codes and regulations in your home, such as malfunctioning circuit breakers, faulty wiring or defective outlets, confirming their safe and efficient operation. We handle design, installation, repairs, maintenance, upgrades of electrical systems in homes, buildings and other structures such as wiring, outlets, switches, fixtures, panels, circuits and more.

Painting Services

Need a paint job? Interior, exterior, commercial or residential, we use high-quality water-resistant paints and materials to ensure a long-lasting and professional-looking finish. Our goal is to complete the job within a short period yet maintaining the best outcome results. 

Tiling Services

Floors, walls or countertops, our team is up for it. Whether you plan on installing unique tiles like mosaic or glass, fitting tiles onto a kitchen or bathroom backsplash, onto outdoor surfaces such as patios, decks or pool areas, there is a large variety of designs to choose. We can help you select from different types of ceramic, porcelain, or stone that help improve the property’s appearance.

Kitchen Design

Looking to upgrade your kitchen? Whether you favor Traditional, Modern, Farmhouse, Industrial, Mediterranean, Cottage, Contemporary, Transitional, Coastal, Eclectic style kitchen, our artistic interior designers will work with you to develop a design layout and functionality of a kitchen that is tailored to your specific needs, preferences, budget and help you select the materials, colors, appliances, cabinets, countertops, sinks, backsplashes, furniture and accessories. We execute using high-quality materials and provide a detailed plan and a timeline for every project.

Carpentry Services

Our talented detail-oriented carpenters work efficiently in different areas of the trade such as framing, finishing, or cabinetry. If you are looking to install or replace doors, fixtures, countertops, custom or pre-fabricated cabinets, wardrobes, trims, floors, roofs, decks, fences, windows, stairs and more, we can do it.

Glass and Aluminum Services

Replacing an old window with an energy-efficient one, would definitely help you lessen energy consumption by reducing heating and cooling costs on the long run. We provide the installation, repair, and replacement of both glass and aluminum windows, doors, mirrors, shower enclosures, shelves, tabletops, railings, partitions, mirrors and more for residential, commercial, and industrial properties

Handyman Services

Next time you plan on moving in or out, call us. Our handymen are trained to achieve a variety of different jobs around the house in a timely and efficient manner and will assist you with numerous household tasks such as hanging shelves and pictures, dismantling and installing furniture, general home repairs, moving boxes, installing fixtures, replacing light bulbs and much more. 

A/C Services

It is extremely important to have your A/C units checked and cleaned on a yearly basis, as it keeps the system running efficiently, prevents breakdowns, improves indoor air quality and helps to prolong the life of the system. Our technicians are certified HVAC professionals who are trained to diagnose and fix any system. A regular maintenance consists of dusting or replacing air filters, duct cleaning, checking and adjusting refrigerant levels, washing the evaporator and condenser coils, lubricating moving parts, inspecting the thermostat, electrical connections and wiring, examining the system for any signs of wear and tear, in addition to fixing leaks, replacing broken parts, and testing the system’s performance. Overall, 

Renovation and Upgrades

Remodeling is a great way to improve the functionality, comfort, appearance and the property’s resale value. Whether updating the interior or the exterior, we will handle planning and design, demolition, major overhauls, inspection, final cleanup. Yet committing to a realistic budget and timeline, our team will execute in a short period of time. 

Natural Stone and Marble

If you are seeking an elaborate upscale at your property, natural stone would be one of the finest selections. Known for its durability and unique appearance, either granite, marble, quartz, concrete, acrylic or ceramic is found in a vast variety of patterns and colors; a popular choice for kitchen countertops or bathroom vanity tops, sinks, floors, walls and fireplaces, we provide repair, restoration, fabrication, installation and after sales maintenance. 

Gypsum décor

Adding decorative elements such as moldings, cornices, ceiling medallions and other architectural details would reflect your perception of your living space. Our skilled plaster workers can create ornate details or simple modern elements to fit any design style, traditional or contemporary.